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Needed: Flash/After Effects Developer

29 December, 2009

Symbian^4 is the Symbian platform release that will be feature complete in the middle of 2010. Included within it is a planned UI refresh, to be contributed by Nokia, under the “Direct UI” proposal. Symbian Foundation releases its platform on a twice-annual basis. However, this UI refresh is an unusually substantial shift in the UI.

Symbian Foundation has a project that must be completed by 11 February. This project involves After Effects or Flash to create a realistic, animated set of sequences depicting the Symbian^4 UI, based on visuals and specifications provided by Symbian Foundation.

An RFP is available; please email Scott for more details.


Symbian Theme Creator Needed

3 December, 2009

Symbian Foundation is soliciting proposals to create one or more signature themes for Symbian^3, which will reach feature complete in the beginning of 2010.

If you or your company has experience producing Symbian themes, please email me.

A theme is a set of visual elements and specially coded instructions for a Symbian phone’s visual design. Themes include but are not limited to:

* Icons

* UI controls, like scroll bars, menu drop downs, etc.

* Colors for type used throughout the UI

* Wallpapers

* More…

If you would like to learn more about themes, take a look at the Carbide.ui Theme Edition tutorial.

More documentation:

Themes overview

Forum Nokia Detailed Introduction to Themes

Forum Nokia’s Themes Quick Start

If you are interested in participating in this RFP (Request for Proposals), please email Scott.