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Slow Communication

28 February, 2009

lond_15-london-the-classical-red-phone-boxPicnic is an annual conference that I haven’t had the pleasure to attend, but I got a peek last year while at another conference. I remembered something about it: they had trucked in a bunch of lovely green natural turf. I thought that was so amazing and creative, though not exactly carbon-neutral.

Anyway, upon poking around this morning to see what the talks were like, I became transfixed by one entitled, Dueling with Distance. Stefan Agamanolis shares several examples of his concept of “slow communication.” He works at the Distance Lab in Glasgow.

In his talk about slow communication, Agamanolis looks at a water tank-based audio phone, where each party is submersed in a tank of body-temperature water, in a helmet, with their head floating above it. It’s mind-boggling. Another axis he covers is intimacy, with a remote whiteboard-on bed concept rejiggered for distant lovers. I’ll never think of a whiteboard the same. There’s also a remote boxing game, with sensors and rear projection in mattresses. A couple other surprises are inside. It’s worth the 20 minutes to have a look.

Video of Agamanolis at Picnic: